Monday, 21 March 2011


I decided to give up on philosophy last night and go for a philosophical sleep, and to my amazement.... I woke with no inspiration resulting in having to tell my teacher that i didn't have my essay with me, when in fact, it was amongst my notepad pages half done. I promised her I'd have it in by tomorrow morning, it's now quarter to ten in the evening and I'm sitting comfortably (almost too comfortably) in my bed. I will do it, I MUST do it. Come on will power, where are you when I most want you in these times of great need?! Yes, I know, I fail. I really need to start concentrating on my A levels :(
I'm just in this whole state of mind where I'm questioning the point of me being in education, I just don't know what I want to do or where I want to go, I'm so afraid of failing...I can't see myself in the future, I don't know, as I'm my star sign is a Cancer apparently we are 'extremely psychic' and I guess I'm also afraid of loneliness, even more so that how I am now.
And at the moment I have a nagging feeling in my mind that everyone's drifting away from me, or maybe it's just vice versa. 
argh :-[ 

I've definitely drifted away from 'him', this is a good thing... I feel a greater sense of freedom (i think)

i so wish i was there....

bye bye xxxx

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