Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer update

Hello everyone :~)

I'm finally 18! Here is an obligatory photo of my first legal drink:

Eden on my birthday:

I saw two of my best friends Charlie and Isabel on Friday and Saturday because I had a bit of time off work, the only people I really see now are fellow staff members at the Eden Project, so I can't express how good it was to see them both after such a long time. Me and Isabel saw The Dark Knight rises at the cinema and It had Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it as a police officer, this is enough to justify how magical the film was. I went to Plymouth with Charlie on Saturday, we went on an adventure to find Loki Ink which is the place where I'm getting my tattoo done in September because I had to pay the deposit. I am very excited.

This is the exact tattoo I'll be getting. For Emma, Forever Ago is one of my favourite albums in the whole world.

I love Charlie :3

I have magical music to share:

I've recently discovered this and I adore them:

I flailed everywhere when I discovered that The Antlers have a new EP:

New Watch Listen Tell, Bastille are a bit adorable really:

Also, Howler, Dog Is Dead and Two Door Cinema Club will be announcing UK tour dates very soon, discovering this made today a very good day. It was already a good day because I had a day off which meant copious amounts of Scrubs and my bed. 

The fact that summer is going very quickly is a constant reminder that I NEED to buy my Reading festival ticket. It's in three weeks. I've booked it off work and I have the week before off as holiday (hopefully) least that's a start. I've promised myself that I MUST buy it this Friday. Then I can get excited about festival shopping.

I found this old light blue denim jacket whilst clearing things out earlier, it's quite oversized but it's my new favourite item of clothing :) 

I bought this old Avengers comic the other day in a second hand book shop: 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Last blog post before I turn 18..

It was Eden's staff party last night and it was rad. It ended too soon :~(

I love her tres much. (even if her height here makes me look like a hobbit.)

This blurred photo is a perfect example of what my vision was like.


Patrick being a tree.

pouty xoxo

I love the Eden Team and I'm going to miss them so very much when the season is over :~(

In other news, my college sent me an equipment list for the Foundation art diploma next year, just basic art stuff really, my timetable and stuff that I'll need to prepare for my project, including various photographs and 3-D objects. I'm looking forward to gathering things on one of my days off.

It's my 18th Birthday on Sunday! It feels like I've been 17 for an incredibly long time, but it also feels like it's come far too quickly. I'm going to a friends 18th party tomorrow night, so what better way to spend the morning of my birthday hungover and catching the bus to work in the early hours of the morning? I think I'm going to have quite a laid back day/night and then go out with a few people on a weekday. It is only just another day after all..just with the perks of finally being legal! :~D

This is magical:

Goodnight all xoxo

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Reading 2012

There are far too many bands I want to see at Reading festival.

The bands in bold are the ones of highest preference:

The Cure
Bombay Bicycle Club (seen twice but they are incredible so)
The Maccabees 
The Black Keys
The Vaccines
Crystal Castles
Mystery Jets
Foo Fighters
Los Campesinos!
Band Of Skulls
Pulled Apart by Horses
The Cribs
Dry The River
Two Door Cinema Club
Here We Go Magic
Dog Is Dead
Azealia Banks
Sleigh bells
Lucy Rose
King Charles

There are still bands to be announced so this list will probably increase. And inevitably, there will be a lot of clashes when bands are I definitely won’t get the chance to see all of these bands. But GAH, I can’t wait, I hope it’s as incredible as it was last year.


 I have a day off work today! :~)

I woke up to find pretty things this morning.

A Dry The River t shirt with the album artwork of Shallow Bed:

and these magical vertical striped leggings:

I'm going to spend my day gradually packing because I'm going to Reading for a week and I'll be leaving to get the coach on Thursday morning. I love journeys that involve seeing Jamie.

The Eden Sessions at work have been great, time is going so quickly working there, the people really do make working there fantastic. I'm really going to miss everyone when the season is over and I have to return back to college...but ART. Hopefully they'll have me back for busy seasons. In two weeks the No Fit State circus will be happening at Eden, I'm been given late hours on the rota so I'm quite intrigued to know what it involves.

I went to the Folk Session after work on the 1st July. Whilst I was working I only went and met the beautiful  Frank Turner! He was sitting outside of the bakery eating and nobody noticed and it was so wonderful BAH. I walked over to him and asked if it was him in and then went a very deep shade of red, he said yes and smiled and shook my hand, it was a very awkward hand shake because I had lots of food trays in my hands so I had to balance everything at the same time...I walked away shaking with happiness and my supervisor gave me a piece of paper to get his autograph and here it is :~D

Bellowhead, Seth Lakeman and Stornoway were supporting Frank Turner and despite the persistent rain, they were all incredible. Bellowhead are magical. Tomorrow The Vaccines and Noah And The Whale will be playing the last Eden Session, I'll be working in the bakery till the evening but fingers crossed that I'll be able to have a 10 minute break to go and watch. 

At the moment I'm rather obsessed with Howler, to the point where they are all I'm listening to at the moment, especially on the bus to and from work (I spend the majority of my life on buses. Fact.)

You should listen (my favourite):

I'm also really in to a band called Skaters:

and while I'm here, I love this too. Dog Is Dead are rad and I can't wait to see them at Reading.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

June....right? (the rain could have fooled me)

Jamie came down to Cornballs for the week. He's returned back home to Reading now, and everything smells like's horribly nice. He also left a single sock here, who does he think he is? Just leaving socks around like that. Sock fiend.

(SUN :) )

(best cats in the whole world yep yep)

(such a lovely day spent with Jamie)

(Le mocha)

(evil pigeon faces)

We also saw The Maccabees at Alexandra Palace in London. They were absolutely incredible to say the least. Each song they played sounded so beautiful, and there was something slightly different in comparison to the recorded ones. We also saw British Sea Power, the song 'Who's In Control' was magical live.

(Both of these videos aren't my footage, I just wanted to show how amazing they doesn't justify it)

In other news, it's now time to return to the world of working...which mainly involves clearing lots of plates, carrying various things and making hot drinks such as coffee, tea and cappuccinos. But you know, as much as having to wake up ridiculously early in the morning is something I resent, I actually do quite enjoy work. Just put it this way, if I hadn't of found this really convenient job, I would of spent all summer moping about my lack of money and would of spent endless hours wasting my time on doing nothing. I like to have structure...working gives me that feeling. Yes it does make me quite tired, but I'm just thinking of it in a bigger perspective. I won't get many chances to go up and see Jamie this summer. At first, to me, this was really quite upsetting, but it's really not the end of the world. It's temporary, it'll work out completely fine. I have glorious festivals to look forward to with him, and I'll be starting the Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media this coming September. I don't know, I can just feel good and big things coming, which is both daunting and exciting...I've just gotta embrace it. This post came out in a completely unexpected way.

Anyway, I've made a list of things to buy (mainly to remind myself)
  • Reading Festival instalment plan
  • Bestival instalment plan (the theme is also wildlife which is really awesome, I'm thinking of going as some sort of wild cat)
  • Develop two rolls of film
  • Dry The River tickets for September (Maybe)
  • Buy Frank Turner tickets from Eden BEFORE 1st July
Silly things that I may or may not buy (if I have the money)
  • Vans/creepers/new converses/BON IVER DESIGNED SHOES (Need.)
  • The Strokes T Shirt (definitely will..I need to be taken away from band merch)
  • Typewriter (because I love them so very much)
  • Need to save up for the art London trip for September (unless I get funded)
  • ALL the pretty things.
  • Two Tattoos (one on right thigh, and one on side of rib)
  • Piercings: Nipple, Lip (through lip or side of lip), Tragus
Can you tell that I like to buy pointless things yet?

I'll leave you with this awesome song (courtesy of Jamie):

Right, it's far too late...I say that far too much. I have to be up early to catch ridiculously overpriced buses. Au revoir :)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Yet another update of my excitement

I'll be here (Alexandra Palace in London) in four days time seeing The Maccabees with Jamie. There are no words to justify my excitement.


Yes, that will have to suffice.