Sunday, 20 March 2011

food for thought

my song for the day...

It's lovely weather this morning.. oh wait, it's lunch time...Oops
perfect opportunity to make some breakfast and avidly drink tea.

I may venture outside, but I should warn myself beforehand that I will most certainly be blinded by light.. it seems that my skin is screaming out for some much needed vitamin d. I swear that I might of been a bat in a past life, or some sort of nocturnal creature due to my restlessness on most nights. However, restlessness still gets me nowhere. Meaning DO YOUR ESSAYS

Ignoring my work.. which is definitely the fore front of all of my thoughts at this moment in time... I'll share a
few of my favourite things..

Tupac Shakur

johnny cash m88

blur ^.^

justin vernon


the stone roses

vampire weekend

monster :3 my guilty pleasure

one of my fave films and books blud.
                                                  yes pg tips.. win.

and I've recently been reminiscing about last summer.. so...

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