Saturday, 23 April 2011


On the edge of the water
Where the ships pass by
And the sound of your laughter
And the endless sky
Keeps my head back
Full of swimming thoughts
Beneath deep breathing
That I sink so far down
That I sink so far down
That I sink so far down

Where's the time going

Well, there you go, your answers right there before you
before your beautiful self.

In these two weeks of Easter 'holiday' I've so far managed to accomplish... um.... making vast amounts of money through laborious hours of never ending painting and sometimes waitressing in the evening, which I'd like to stress, is getting really quite demanding.

Last year was definitely one for headaches, particularly when the temperature and pressure started rising, I'd wake up at ridiculous hours and my head would be throbbing and then I'd be sick. I've had migraines since primary school, I wouldn't wish them on anyone; they are truly DREADFUL. I'm quite anxious that I will start getting them again, which would be unfortunate and very inconvenient in exam times and when I'm slaving away in the evenings. I think it's a build up of stress and I've been ignoring the build up of knots all up my back, shoulders and in particular, my neck, which happens to be covered and constantly stiff, this could be one of the factors that's contributing to my Migraines. I went to the doctors, little did I know that the little 'innocent' and strangely enough pink 'migralief' tablets that he gave me (six packets) would in fact make my migraines more frequent and not reduce them or prevent them, so I'm praying that they don't come back this summer and that they were just part of growing up.

On Thursday I saw Poppy and we had a few drinks, a joint and used her genius bong. It was lovely (and also quite surreal) as we sat in the darkness by a lake. Further on in the wee hours of Friday morning, I allowed Poppy to pierce my second ear lobe piercings, without numbing, luckily it wasn't as painful as expected. I welcomed the rushing feeling in my chest. The following afternoon I got a second cartilage piercing (professionally) tehe, I think I enjoyed mine and Poppy's session by far (not that I'd reccomend DIY piercing, especially if you hate the thought of blood trickling down your neck) I don't see Poppy often at all, we've had a few moments in the past, but they've always been when we're under the influence of alcohol (typical Sophie behaviour). Experimenting is where it's at!

Kitty and my Cub :3

Musically these past few weeks I've been listening to Dry The River (of course), Fleet Foxes and there new album Helplessness Blues which can I emphasize is brilliant (just don't tell anyone that I downloaded it quite a while before it's being released), Montezuma is a favourite so far, I've also been listening to Warpaint, they are an experimental girl art rock band from Los Angeles sweeeeet laxxx, oh and not forgetting Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chilli Peppers Guitarist) so not entirely a girl band....I've also had  Bon Iver and David Bowie on the go... blisss. I'm not really sure how I've survived without tea today, my bed is literally trying to suck me in to it's wonderful soft mattress world so that I'll never be seen again, I don't know whether I'm unforunatley or fortunatley succumbing to this?!? ahhh.. insanitea! yes.. in san i tea... how obscure that sounds...I need to read more, READ, read read read REAAD
but really, where has my brain ran off to? it feels drained of delicious bookyness... I can't find the time, I'm trying to squeeze all my usual pointless nonsense in to one blog, but for two weeks, how very odd, I'm writing a blog, and blog was just underlined in that irritating red squiggly line. Oh the irony.

I've had this on repeat whilst writing
It's definitely a keeper

I'm happy
hope your happy too

I love lying down and listening to music in the darkness and feeling the heaviness in my chest as I lose myself in music, it's intoxicating

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