Tuesday, 24 May 2011


1. The Slits, they were a British punk rock band from the 1980's, there sound was originally quite raucous but was cleaned up for there debut album. They have a mixture of reggae and scratchy guitars, and mischief. I finally downloaded the album 'Cut'. Overall, they are quite a chilled out band, there music became reasonably experimental as they developed. 

2. Wild Beasts. I've been listening to two of there albums recently 'Limbo, Panto' and 'Two Dancers', although Limbo Panto offers a more alternative sound. In particular, I've become rather fond of 'Hooting And Howling', 'Underbelly' & 'All The Kings Men' on the album 'Two Dancers'. They recently released a new album 'Smother' I've yet to hear any of it...

3. Dinosaur Jr. I just love there album 'Farm' there ninth album. They go quite a while back to 1984, they've been influential throughout rock, with there distortion and unique sounds, who would later influence bands such as Pixies and Nirvana. 

I've finished my AS levels! Today was my final exam (Philosophy), I'm a little more confident about this unit,  rather than unit 1. I felt a bit of weight lift off my shoulders, although, I didn't feel the tension and knots budge, I think I should go and visit a chiropractor, this was finally made clear whilst sitting in a quiet exam hall, and sub consciously clicking my neck from left to right, resulting in a dreadful clicking sound...or a decent massage. I always find myself getting in to awkward eye contact with the invigilators, whilst in reverie i'd look over and briefly catch there scrutinizing gaze, in particular the old man who resembled a tortoise. The footsteps resounding down the rows is quite daunting, even after all this time...

So, this weekend gone, I went to 'Henry's Campsite' at Lizards Point, I had a lovely time, it's a really idyllic little place, and conveniently next to a coastal path.

The 'Kennel' and our temporary den

For some reason this reminds me of when Shrek and Fiona run emotionally towards each other and embrace dramatically, although 'shrek' seems to be invisible in the photo, a bit odd, if not slightly awkward. 

We did contemplate going for a dip in the lovely ocean but the waves screamed 'No!'

Lovely Poppy

I have tomorrow completely and utterly free, so I've decided to catch the bus to Fowey, I'm going to pick up a acoustic guitar, and i cannot waaait! Procrastinating to the max is really just quite marvelous I have to say. I hope the weather is decent, as much as I love the rain (not so much the wind), I'd appreciate a bit of sunshine, for the past few days I've been living in thick jumpers and woolly tights, I think our typical British weather is lazily waking from it's sleepy slumber and slowly opening it's warming rays of sun light. mmm. 

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  1. Love Wild Beasts, well done on finishing your exams and your photos are gorgeous! x