Saturday, 7 May 2011

'Three For Saturday'

Inspiration for this blog here :)

I know it's not Thursday, but 'Seven For Saturday' would be pushing it a bit. I'm not feeling very creative at the moment, so I thought I'd post something simple...Like this Obscure survey.

The Three Things I Plan To Do Today

1. Drink copious amounts of tea whilst snuggled up in bed listening to copious amounts of delicious music.
2. Create lots of Philosophy revision for my walls (miraculously), which I think are going to benefit me, but most probably wont. 
3. Go to work until the evening. 

The Three People I kind of want to be, but not really.

1. Kurt Cobain (I'm aware that he's a male, but I'd happily change my gender, tehe)
2. Alice Glass
3. Julian Casablancas's WIFE. (Juliet Joslin?)

Julian Casablancas and Juliet Joslin

I mean. Look at him, he's a musical genius and incredibly beautiful, in every way...

Three Objects I Would Never Buy Used

1. Piercing stuff
2. Socks and stuff... (it would be quite obscure to buy used socks)
3. Just bedding in general, I love sleeping and especially in my own bed, it's like my home to me, it has my own smell and arrangements of stuff, it's like my nest.

Three Things I Didn't Do Today

Well, it's 12:30pm now so..
1. I haven't eaten anything that can be counted as breakfast as of yet..
2. Revision
3. Opened My Curtains (mundane, I know)

Three Books That I Would Like To Read (I'd like to read more than three..)

1. Dracula (It's on my bookshelf!!, I just struggle finding the time)
2. Sophie's World (yes, a bit ironic, but it's a book about Philosophy and all the notorious Philosophers, I Probably should of read it months ago, considering my exam is next week. Oh Brilliant)
3. The Time Travellers Wife

The Three Things I Appreciate

1. Nature and just the incredibility and capableness (is that even a word?) of the universe
2. Music
3. People? (I'm not so sure on this one, but they shape who we all are)

Three Things In A Two Foot Reach Of Me

1. Sixth form folder (it's haunting me)
2. Bottle of water
3. Hippity (my life long teddy/rabbit/thing) 

Three Pictures:

1. My family's three year old pup (I realise she is no longer a puppy) but I've become attached to calling her this...

Chlo :)

 Delilah, my Beautiful 17 year old cat, she's quite old now, she reminds me of my childhood, and I remember when I was 4 years old and we brought her home from the RSPCA, along with her brother, who sadly passed away nearly five years ago.. :(

sunrise and frost... January?

Three Plans For The Near Future

1. Try and pass my philosophy exams
2. Try and pass maths (fingers crossed)
3.  Buy my festival tickets...

Three Things I Worry About

1. Failure?
2. The Unknown (I'm also quite curious, who isn't?)
3. Making the wrong choice, but one things leads to another, right?

Three Final Thoughts
1. Get more sleep zZz
2. Eat before I become a grumpy monster
3. Metronomy 


  1. Oh I love Dracula. It's one of my favorite books. Beware- once you start reading it, you won't want to stop so give yourself a nice long weekend with it....

  2. Mannn ive read Sophies World. It's a drag! You can borrow it though if you want ^^