Saturday, 2 July 2011


Winter Mountain Band

The Bees

The Villagers

Fleet Foxes

I've been listening to Fleet Foxes all morning in a failed attempt to re live last night. It was wonderful, I'm going to be all cliche 'Words can't even describe'.. But I can't. It was just so cool. Robin Pecknold is incredible, especially when he stopped to take sips from his cold cup of tea every so often. He said 'Glastonbury festival was our warm up for Eden', the crowd quite literally went mental. And of course, after much persistence from the crowd, Robin came back in to the spotlight by himself and performed a stripped down 'Oliver James' and then followed by his fellow band members. It was brilliant. I felt myself go all tingly and goosebumpy 'yes red squiggly line i'm aware that's not a real word' 

The prospect of having to trek to work in a few minutes is not a pleasant one. My hands smell like supernoodles...

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  1. so so so jealous! Fleet Foxes and Villagers are two of my favourite bands, looks like an amazing evening! Saw Villagers play at Sheperds Bush Empire a couple of months ago and they were so so good, but still have yet to see Fleet Foxes! Must do something about that! aha :)
    loving your blog, you have great taste in music :)
    Flora x