Friday, 22 July 2011

it's my birthday and i'll do as i please

My blog posts have been really brief lately, I apologize. Today was officially my last day of Wadebridge Sixth Form, I must admit that it was a bit sad, even if the majority of my day was spent trying to find several library books before I could eventually get everything signed...

You know when you sometimes hear people say 'it really doesn't feel like my birthday..' well, yeah, that's today, I mean, last year had the slight feeling that it was actually my birthday but now it's lost it's specialness.. I guess that's part of being an adult?  But that doesn't mean I can't pretend that I'm still 15, and demand a child ticket for various things, whilst fluttering my eyelashes and looking generally innocent, more than I already am... heheh
I spent the last hour or so with a few individuals in the empty common room, I got bombarded with lovely cards and gifts. My friend Terry drew me a beautiful picture of Kurt Cobain, I'm in love. I'm listening to 'Everything Goes My Way' by Metronomy and as i wrote 'I'm In Love', i heard those exact words, how obscure, it's probably really not that obscure really though is it?
This morning I received a delightful letter from Jamie, it twas a nice surprise. 

I know that Imention Metronomy often,  but they are so brilliant! and even better, there from Totnes in Devon. So close. If i had to choose a favorite song from each album it would have to be 'Trouble', 'Heartbreaker' and 'You Could Easily Have Me' 

Home aloneness brought on this earlier.. 

An insight in to today

 i thought i'd take a few pictures.. now i'm 17 and all


And lets not forget. It's BON IVER DAY. The two best events in the whole wide world packed in to one day.. Okay, maybe just the Bon Iver part. Bon Iver's new album should be in the mail soon! Please Mr Vernon, I beg of you, come and sing me to sleep, that would be the most perfect thing. 'No Sophie, how dare you ask of something like that!' 


  1. Happy belated birfday! :) Mines the 23rd of July. :p

  2. happy birthday to you to! I take it your a leo :P

  3. Yesh I am :) and I'm super proud of it! :p