Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tuesdays Procrastination

It has come to my attention (for a while now) that I am a dreadful blog writer, I created this blog with the intention of writing it as frequently as I could but I find myself lacking the imagination.. I mean, you know when you're not actually AT a computer/laptop or whatever obscure device you may obtain, and you sort of have a vague idea of what you want to write or you get some sort of genius and spontaneous inspiration and you really have the urge to just WRITE, and then you sit down, stare at the screen and ponder your mind for a while and it's just blank, completely blank, obviously not literally blank like a Tabula Rasa (blank slate) kind of blank. Just blank, the kind of blank where you just know nobody is interested in whatever sort of monotonous drivel is going through your mind like when your next going to make some tea to keep yourself alive and why your essays aren't getting done and you get the picture..right? Well, that's about to change (well, it's not) I'm going to write, even it is monotonous drivel, so I apologize in advance, although anything is better than what I usually post.. 

Anyway, I moved house about 3 months ago which meant changing Colleges and unfortunately I didn't get the grade i wanted in English Literature which means retaking AS for another two years, but i'm carrying on with Fine Art A2 and I've started a AS called Communication And Culture which will go along with the English because they don't do Philosophy at the college I go to now, which was pretty disappointing. Hopefully *fingers crossed* i'm going to do a Foundation Diploma in Art after my A levels and then -draws breath through teeth- apply to Goldsmiths University in Landan to do a Fine Art degree.. (very high aspirations) but it's something I'm pretty sure i'm interested in doing.

This was my final exam piece for AS, we had specific themes to choose from, I chose 'Splash'

And this was my final exam piece for my coursework:

I spent today partaking in plenty of glorious procrastination; lying in bed (using my sore throat as a perfectly reasonable excuse not to get up), doing work, contemplating tidying up and as you can see below, taking silly photo's featuring myself. 

Something extraordinary happened last week, I went to the Hammersmith Apollo with Jamie (Bombamie) and we watched BON IVER, it was truly incredible, to get any sort of idea of how incredible I'd definitely read this bit of mind blowing poetry... 

Or you can simply browse these wonderful photographs

They were so beautiful, they made my skin tingle with goosebumps and sent shivers down my spine. I felt like I wasn't really there, you just felt them and there energy through everything. I could go in to more detail but it is truly difficult to explain.

On the subject of music, I'll post a few songs from bands that I'm really in to at the moment.

'Never Known Love' by Thieves Like Us, taken from the album 'Again And Again' 

'Making Eyes At You' by the Black Kids from the album 'Partie Traumatic' 

'Paradise' from Coldplay's new album 'Mylo Xyloto', I was skeptical of this album but the majority of the album is really lovely and catchy.


'Round The Moon' from Summer Camps Young EP

This is definitely my favorite from Daughters His Young Heart EP

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