Wednesday, 11 January 2012


It's my lovely boyfriend Jamie's (Bombamie's) 19th Birthday today and he definitely needed a blog post dedicated to him.
We live a ridiculous distance away from each other, well actually, not really ridiculous.. ridiculous as in we can't see each other whenever we want to. This is why I wish magic carpets really existed, or teleportation. So at times when you really just want to be with each other, it's hard, but thankfully it's not long until we are reunited once more. He lives in Winchester/Reading which is about 250 miles away give or take from where I live (Cornwall), but I consider that lucky compared to some long distant relationships that can be thousands of miles away, so i'm grateful for this. And someday we'll definitely be in closer proximity (proxemics ;) ) In college time, I look forward to my next half term probably more so than the average person, because it means i'll get to see Jamie and spend time with him. Distance will never get in the way or lessen the love I have for him.

So, this blog post is for Jamie, unfortunately I cannot be there, but I'm there in spirit (right?!). But when I see him we are definitely going to have a little birthday celebration thing. So for now, this will have to do.

and another one...

Jamie will definitely probly maybe approve of this complete and utter geyness:

it's your birthday heart!

and your birthday tea! (sorry, i had to drink it..)

and your birthday tangerine! (had to eat this one aswell..please forgive me)

and finally, the birthday apple (haven't ate that one yet, how nice of me)

And the birthday song, I mentioned the word 'someday' earlier in the post, this song reminds me of him and is just tres relevant.

Jamie is lovely..but it doesn't really matter what I say, I don't think words could ever possibly justify or describe him. 



I love you. 


  1. This is very gey and lovely :p You better not eat my birthday apple!!

  2. I can't believe you ate my birthday apple, my birthday tangerine AND drank my birthday tea!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Will I ever be forgiven? How can you resist your yum yum? :'( xxxxxxxxxxxx