Monday, 21 May 2012


It looks like summer is finally here! The weather today has been lovely. I haven't really done anything productive at all..apart from my art exam this morning until 11am, it was all a bit of a surreal blur though because of the ridiculous time I went to sleep. I decided that watching Russell Howard's Good News at 4am was a brilliant idea.
In other NEWS, I've got a part time job now for the summer at the Eden Project which I'm pretty happy about. It will be my third day working there tomorrow. I sometimes help out as a barista and the constant smell of coffee beans is heavenly...I still need to perfect the art of drawing leafs and such on top of latte's though.

                                                      On le way to work:

         I decided to stop being a hermit and walk the dog this evening, and also because the sky was so pretty.

Also, I think I finally know what I want to get as my rib tattoo. I have 2 other ideas for a wrist/finger tattoo and another for the nape of my neck. I'll probably design them soon, but they're all based on music, with meaning behind them. 

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