Wednesday, 27 April 2011

lady grinning soul

I handed in my English Literature coursework yesterday, so that now leaves me with three subjects, Art, Re sit maths (much to my detestation), and Philosophy. I'm quite anxious at the outcome of my grades, I know I've tried in some aspects. I had a timed practice Philosophy exam, it was all so very formal, the tables were all single and lined up. When my teacher exclaimed 'Turn your papers over', I stared at the paper is disbelief, I had no idea it was going to THAT insane. I imagined it be hard, but it was like John Locke's whole 'Tabula Rasa' and that when we are born, we are a blank slate and hold no innate knowledge, that happened to me, I literally felt like a blank slate, looking around desperately for some sort of clue or miraculous answer that would suddenly appear before my eyes, but I found myself looking at the empty chair in front me, pondering at what colour the girls bra in front of me was, shaking my leg furiously, chewing my nails and pen, and looking at the interesting Buddha objects locked away in a cabinet, overall, a very productive practice exam, I think it's evident that I definitely gained and learned a lot from this thought provoking experience. Note to self: Revise Contingent and Necessary truths, Conceptual Schemes, Virtue, Morality... (In other words. Your well and truly in for it) I mean, when did I even learn about this stuff? And when do I possess the time? That's a bit contradictory, I'm here, right now, writing my blog, while I could be hunched over my bed, hard at work....-cough- hard... -cough- at work..

On a brighter and more positive outlook on things, I'm going to watch The Flaming Lips and Fleet Foxes at The Eden Project massiveeeee in the summer. Woohoooo. 

I have a constant shaking leg. I want a typewriter.. (still) and I always will, until one day I have my very own typewriter so that I can write letters. I lost my Ipod Nano a few weeks ago, so I purchased a temporary one, it's a 20gb 4th Generation, it's rather old, but I like it's retro feel and look. It hasn't failed me. Yet.

Love you Kurt. 
love and peace to you alll

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