Friday, 29 April 2011

I carry your heart, I carry it in my heart.

I'm listening to Lump Sum by Bon Iver and feeling quite sentimental.. 

I have an Obscure swollen thingy on the right side of my neck, I'm not entirely sure what how you deal with these 'thingys'?...Do you prod them? I've already been doing that.
I also put a frozen raspberry there because it was cold and soothing. The right side of my neck is throbbing, I'm sure it's something benign, but I'm still anxious... typically. 

I want to sleep forever.

I'm going to do something 'active' tomorrow. A picnic & enthusiastic walking, by myself. Yes, by myself. That's the best type of walking. It allows you to think about things, and detach from reality temporarily. I pray that I wake up and the suns shining through my curtains.Oh and photo taking for my Art Coursework. 

Light begins it's all a mystery

more is never enough

The petals fall
Why suddenly
You, Me
A fault, A blemish

In to the open wrath of forever
Honestly, eternal hunger
I take you 

Tell me what to



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