Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fill in the blanks.. Sunday

01. I love.... music, i'm not sure what i'd do without it but i'm pretty sure my life would become quite dull....

02. A time when my mum knew best was... Most of time. It's cliché, but i'd be lost without her. Sometimes our relationship can be lacking, but in other areas it isn't.. however, I do love my mum a great amount and the same applies to my dad. 

03. My first kiss went a little like this... To be honest I can only vaguely remember it.. it wasn't really what I expected. I'm still waiting for what I can regard as a 'First Kiss', where I really feel it... 

04. My celebrity crush is... Kurt Cobain. I'm aware he's no longer alive, but i'll always love him in my heart. 

05. My splurge of choice is....  Sleeping? Or maybe tea? Or even food.... All 3 three things are irresistible. 

06. My biggest accomplishment is.... Living?

07. My dance jam of choice is...  Possibly Bad Reputation by Joan Jett...

And irrelevant to this whole post, but i'm loving The Distillers


  1. If I had to put a genre on your blog I'd have to say it's indie meets punk rock with a little touch of dreamer...

    That said...I love it. :)

    Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Oh sleeping is my favorite splurge ever, especially now that I'm a mom. I love nothing more than an afternoon nap... you know the kind where you wake up and feel a little sweaty/drunk/disoriented? I love those.