Saturday, 3 March 2012

And the sweat will roll down our backs

I haven't blogged in quite a while...

Today I was meant to do lots and lots of maths revision.

And lots of art. But inevitably, this was not done. I am so unproductive.

But I did go to the beach this morning, it was lovely and tres sunny. I then came home and drank tea, played a obscure came called Gaia and stared forlornly at my college work. I feel slightly less tired than yesterday though, which is such a good feeling. I knew that on Thursday night I should of gone home and drank tea in the safety of my bed, but instead, I spent most of the early morning hours in a ambulance with a friend (everything was fine). The start of the evening was great, I ate two pizzas to myself while everyone else got stupidly drunk -strokes beard wisely-. I eventually went to sleep at 4am (thankfully in my bed) and then had to be awake up for college at 7am. Thursday and Friday were both very surreal days.

To add to today's unproductiveness (totally a word), here are some photos I took out of utter boredom.

Someone come here and whip me in to action. I have like four weeks to finish all of my coursework for art if I want to get the grade I want and I've come to a point where I just don't know what to do. Well, I do, but there is so much to think about and remember and oh god. Overload. So many distractions and so little motivation. 

I really like this:

Also, I'm seeing Benjamin Francis Leftwich in Falmouth in October..Which I'm looking forward to, even if it is quite far away. 

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  1. Gotta love unproductive days. Glad you got to the beach tho. ;)