Monday, 5 March 2012

Shadows On The Wall

I'm really tiring of this inexplicable anger and sadness that spontaneously appears whenever it pleases. It's making me crazy...And I didn't want to particularly vent this anywhere else.
 I had my maths exam today, I think it went quite well? Although I don't want to curse myself by saying that. I really resent how it's holding me back and how frustrating it is when I really can't do something.

In other news, today Dry The River's Shallow Bed was released! I really love all there artwork covers, they're so pretty and arty.

Oh and this is what I've been doing in my art lessons recently. It's like a wax resist, where you paint wax on to paper/material and then go over it with dye but the dye doesn't really take to the wax. You then go over it with an iron and should look something like this...

I've been listening to someone called 'Petrus' recently, although he is quite hard to find...but you can listen to 'Shadows On The Wall' here: it's so so very lovely. 

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