Monday, 26 March 2012


Today has been lovely. I only had one lesson, which was first, and happened to be Fine Art. And I'm pretty certain that all we have to do in Comms and Culture now is revise until our exam in May so we were only required to register. So I spent the majority of the day lying on the grass at the front of college with a group of people. It was a really nice feeling to have the sun on my skin like that was a familiar kinda feeling. I think my skin may have overdosed on the sun a bit too much, judging from my sun burnt cheeks. Oh paleness. It's the last week of college before the Easter half term, which is also a very good thing. I'm now going to drink ALL the tea and listen to ALL the fabulous music. Also, I think I MIGHT have a part time job, might is capitalized because I'm not sure how definite this is..But I should hear back this week, so fingers crossed...I will be tres tres tres happy.

Also, I cannot stop listening to Ed Tullett:

I found this pretty picture:

I want a tree bed. I love the idea of trees..and looks so cosy, but i'd probably make the top bit open so I could look at stars.

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