Sunday, 27 May 2012

Another post of Sophie's ramblings

Yay, my mum said she'd pay for my tattoo that I'll be getting in the summer for my birthday. Now I've got to decide what I want for definite on my rib, or possibly my thigh. I'm pretty sure I want the double cross. I'm so dreadful with decisions.

In other news, I think I probably shouldn't of had a nap in the sun yesterday:

I'm working all this week, the shifts aren't too bad though. I'm planning on seeing the lovely Isabel on the Sunday and going shopping in Plymouth at Drake's circus. I can foresee this summer as being quite a unsociable one, so in comparison to last summer spent with my londerful Jamie, it will be very mediocre. I'm going to try my best to earn as much money as I can and also have time off now and then to see him. I'm also going to book a week off when he comes down on holiday in the summer. If I can stick it out till September, there won't be any worries. I'm also planning on going to Reading festival and Bestival, so that'll give me another week of freedom..and also time to spend with Jamie. My art foundation diploma starts later than everyone else's courses as well at college so all in all, I will have quite a lot of free time. Planning it out like this definitely makes me worry less. And then I'll only have 9 months of college to go until I can finally (hopefully) leave for university.

I'll be like:

Also, I'm seeing The Maccabees in less than two weeks with Jamie in London. Nobody understands how excited I am. 

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