Tuesday, 10 July 2012


 I have a day off work today! :~)

I woke up to find pretty things this morning.

A Dry The River t shirt with the album artwork of Shallow Bed:

and these magical vertical striped leggings:

I'm going to spend my day gradually packing because I'm going to Reading for a week and I'll be leaving to get the coach on Thursday morning. I love journeys that involve seeing Jamie.

The Eden Sessions at work have been great, time is going so quickly working there, the people really do make working there fantastic. I'm really going to miss everyone when the season is over and I have to return back to college...but ART. Hopefully they'll have me back for busy seasons. In two weeks the No Fit State circus will be happening at Eden, I'm been given late hours on the rota so I'm quite intrigued to know what it involves.

I went to the Folk Session after work on the 1st July. Whilst I was working I only went and met the beautiful  Frank Turner! He was sitting outside of the bakery eating and nobody noticed and it was so wonderful BAH. I walked over to him and asked if it was him in and then went a very deep shade of red, he said yes and smiled and shook my hand, it was a very awkward hand shake because I had lots of food trays in my hands so I had to balance everything at the same time...I walked away shaking with happiness and my supervisor gave me a piece of paper to get his autograph and here it is :~D

Bellowhead, Seth Lakeman and Stornoway were supporting Frank Turner and despite the persistent rain, they were all incredible. Bellowhead are magical. Tomorrow The Vaccines and Noah And The Whale will be playing the last Eden Session, I'll be working in the bakery till the evening but fingers crossed that I'll be able to have a 10 minute break to go and watch. 

At the moment I'm rather obsessed with Howler, to the point where they are all I'm listening to at the moment, especially on the bus to and from work (I spend the majority of my life on buses. Fact.)

You should listen (my favourite):

I'm also really in to a band called Skaters:

and while I'm here, I love this too. Dog Is Dead are rad and I can't wait to see them at Reading.