Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer update

Hello everyone :~)

I'm finally 18! Here is an obligatory photo of my first legal drink:

Eden on my birthday:

I saw two of my best friends Charlie and Isabel on Friday and Saturday because I had a bit of time off work, the only people I really see now are fellow staff members at the Eden Project, so I can't express how good it was to see them both after such a long time. Me and Isabel saw The Dark Knight rises at the cinema and It had Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it as a police officer, this is enough to justify how magical the film was. I went to Plymouth with Charlie on Saturday, we went on an adventure to find Loki Ink which is the place where I'm getting my tattoo done in September because I had to pay the deposit. I am very excited.

This is the exact tattoo I'll be getting. For Emma, Forever Ago is one of my favourite albums in the whole world.

I love Charlie :3

I have magical music to share:

I've recently discovered this and I adore them:

I flailed everywhere when I discovered that The Antlers have a new EP:

New Watch Listen Tell, Bastille are a bit adorable really:

Also, Howler, Dog Is Dead and Two Door Cinema Club will be announcing UK tour dates very soon, discovering this made today a very good day. It was already a good day because I had a day off which meant copious amounts of Scrubs and my bed. 

The fact that summer is going very quickly is a constant reminder that I NEED to buy my Reading festival ticket. It's in three weeks. I've booked it off work and I have the week before off as holiday (hopefully) least that's a start. I've promised myself that I MUST buy it this Friday. Then I can get excited about festival shopping.

I found this old light blue denim jacket whilst clearing things out earlier, it's quite oversized but it's my new favourite item of clothing :) 

I bought this old Avengers comic the other day in a second hand book shop: 

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