Friday, 20 July 2012

Last blog post before I turn 18..

It was Eden's staff party last night and it was rad. It ended too soon :~(

I love her tres much. (even if her height here makes me look like a hobbit.)

This blurred photo is a perfect example of what my vision was like.


Patrick being a tree.

pouty xoxo

I love the Eden Team and I'm going to miss them so very much when the season is over :~(

In other news, my college sent me an equipment list for the Foundation art diploma next year, just basic art stuff really, my timetable and stuff that I'll need to prepare for my project, including various photographs and 3-D objects. I'm looking forward to gathering things on one of my days off.

It's my 18th Birthday on Sunday! It feels like I've been 17 for an incredibly long time, but it also feels like it's come far too quickly. I'm going to a friends 18th party tomorrow night, so what better way to spend the morning of my birthday hungover and catching the bus to work in the early hours of the morning? I think I'm going to have quite a laid back day/night and then go out with a few people on a weekday. It is only just another day after all..just with the perks of finally being legal! :~D

This is magical:

Goodnight all xoxo

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