Thursday, 5 January 2012

And I could see for miles, miles, miles...

I thought that the lyrics in this blog post title where quite apt and relevant to this photo that I took in Wales (Llandrindod) whilst standing upon a hill. The views were quite something. When you're that high up, everything gets put in such a perspective. We are all so lucky to just visualize these things happening around us; nature is incredible. 
I thought about writing this blog post whilst thinking about feeding my persistent empty stomach, which I still haven't got round to doing. 

Here's the song that inspired the blog title and photo, and of course, it's by the divine Bon Iver.

Anyway, I'm definitely sure that I want to get a tattoo this year when I turn 18. I'm really optimistic about it, although I'll probably be a bit more anxious nearer to the time, naturally. I have two initial ideas. The first design are the words 'Dry The River' which i'll explain more about in a blog post later. My second design would be a tree, which again, i'll explain about the reasons behind. I really love the idea of a tattoo having a concept behind it, a meaning, or a story. Either tattoo that I choose will mean something to me. Today I'm going to do some quick tattoo designs, but I'm afraid I don't have a scanner, so a camera will have to suffice.

 This morning/afternoon I've been listening to a really lovely band called Driver Drive Faster and there album 'Open House', they are one the reasons why I haven't left my bed yet.


Here's a taster (delicious):

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  1. I could never get a tattoo with a random design. To me, the only kind to get is one with deep significance, because it's permanent. :) I think your ideas are great! I'm just about to read your other post with the meanings. :)