Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tattoo Procrastination

So, these are a few rough ideas I recently did. I want the tattoo to go at the top of my right rib, in a arched style.

I particularly like the last design, so I made a separate one.

Dry The River are really special to me, and more so is the person that introduced me to them. It doesn't matter how i'm feeling, this band have never failed to make me feel at ease with myself. I met him for a reason and having this on my skin would remind me of him, and whatever happens, he's changed me in so many ways for the better. This tattoo would be a combination of the perfection of Dry The River and of him.

This is my second idea, depicting my love for trees. I may or may not add leaf's, or add leaf's gradually throughout significant parts of my life. A tree would also symbolize me as a person, growing continuously, and reaching out like the branches. 

Or there's this one with the words 'dry the river' written underneath.


  1. ohhhhhh I love it Sophie! :D Maybe work "Dry the River" into the roots of the tree, eh?

  2. That's a great idea! See, I really love Dry The River AND Tree's, I have to just combine the two :)

  3. Exactly! :) I love the whole tree idea anyway, and adding a leaf everytime something significant happens. My next one will either be more hebrew, or the phrase "memento mori" stylized