Saturday, 7 January 2012

Gold On The Ceiling

It's ridiculously late and my mind won't shut down and allow me to sleep, so I thought writing a blog post would somehow aid this.. So I got back from the party a few hours ago, it was quite nice. The highlight was definitely discovering that my friend Francesca was wearing a necklace and on it was a miniature Harry Potter BOOK! It was wonderful, I'm going to get my hands on one as soon as possible. And ahhhh I have a Comms mock on Monday morning and I have done zilch revision since..wait...when have I ever revised for that subject? No Sophie, that is NOT a good thing! Right, tomorrow I WILL do it.. Right, yeah, suuuuure you will! It's like having an angel and devil sitting on each side of my shoulders.. terrific. But really, seriously need to jump out of bed with a spring in my step and just revise all day..and still need to do that English essay..oh and that Artwork. Oh god, motivation come back to me! Hold me in your wonderful safe arms! Safe?! Everything is piling up and it 's making me want to avoid it even more.

Oh and I took a few photos before I left earlier, It was hard to get in to the picture, hence the obscure bending over that I'm doing:

And Fran couldn't resist writing this on my leg, apologies for the awful quality, it was dark and my BlackBerry (or should i say WankBerry) camera isn't tres bien. In case you can't read it, it says 'I <3 Tea' naturally.

Must sleep.. must do work...why is it so late?  

I should probably crawl in to my bed and sleep before I go any more insane.. is that possible? I shouldn't even question that, I'm not capable of answering questions sanely anymore..
I'll leave you with this:

p.s why do my feet feel like they're on fire? how obscure! I hope they aren't REALLY on fire.. that would be a bit awful wouldn't it?


  1. I'm gonna get the gold on YOUR ceiling. ;-)

  2. I'm gonna get the ceiling on YOUR gold.