Thursday, 5 January 2012

My Playlist For January 2012

James Blake - A Case of You
                                                    from his 2011 album 'Enough Thunder'

Driver Drive Faster - It's All Over It's Everywhere
                                                     From there 2011 album 'Open House'

The Strange Boys - Walking Two By Two
From there 2011 album 'Live Music'

Roll Bus Roll - Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard
From there 2009 album 'Em are I

Stranded Horse - What Difference Does It Make (cover of The Smiths)
From his 2011 album 'Humbling Tides'

The Cave Singers - Swim Club
From there 2011 album 'No Witch'

Bleeding Heart Narrative - Blueskywards
From there 2008 album 'All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World'

Treelight For Sunlight - You And The New World
From there 2011 album 'Treelight For Sunlight'

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed
From there 2011 album 'Within and Without'

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