Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year

So I saw the New Year in with my lovely Jamie in London's South Bank, the fireworks were incredible! Amongst the throng of crowds we found ourselves at one point, sat underneath a tree, sipping from Budweiser and smoking well crafted rollies in the gentle drizzle, it was tres bien.

A lot happened for me in 2011, a lot of the time, change takes place without realization. Moving house and schools was definitely one of my biggest challenges, but that challenge has dispersed. I initially thought that everything would be so different, moving away is a big change, but now I think that a change like that is a positive thing. Starting college for the first time terrified me at first, but now I feel more independent and I've met so many lovely people since September. I feel more comfortable in the position I am now, my surroundings are shaping me. Last year was also about letting go of things and letting things in. In particular, the summer was my favorite, it couldn't of been better, the only thing i would of changed is slowing down the time, it went so quickly. August was when me and Jamie got together, and he is so lovely, i'm not really one for public affection, but he really really is. I feel like i'm in a whirlwind of bliss with him. Words genuinely cannot describe or justify him.

So, this year i'm not really going to make any drastic resolutions that I'll try and stick to and definitely won't keep, instead this year is going to be about doing things, instead of doing things that I think I know best, I'm going to say yes more.

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